Good morning!

I am currently in the process of moving! I have way too much stuff so … Well, the majority of my stuff is already moved into my new place? I just have to go through it and figure out what I’m giving away. I think it’s ‘cos I’m kind of the worst when someone gives me a present. I keep the whole thing! Packaging, stuffing, the works @_@ and then I hide it all somewhere that I forget about so it’s like surpriiiise later. I’m trying to get better. No, I will be better this time!

I was going to draw a picture but have a lame gif using my mouse instead! It’s how I’m feeling about it all, excited and a bit frantic :O

  1. thymine said: I am exactly the same!! over the years I’ve gotten better too, but it’s still hard to throw things out D:. Good luck with your move!
  2. thepowergame said: It looks like a tamagotchi : 3
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